Project Pedal 2016: A Community Connected

Happy Fourth of July weekend!

For me, the Fourth of July resonates summer memories: fun, family, food, community, and celebration. Over the past three years, I have experienced similar emotions during Village Project’s largest fundraiser, Project Pedal.


On Saturday, June 18th, we celebrated the Third Annual Project Pedal. It was awesome!  The weather was perfect – 78 degrees, sunshine, and low humidity. The kind of weather you wish you could duplicate 365 days a year.

However, much more than beautiful weather warmed my heart:

  • There was the awesome sight of over 300 bike riders pedaling out of the Bay Middle School parking lot, dressed in green Project Pedal t-shirts with balloons tied to their bumpers. Bikers riding cruisers, racers, tandems, several pulling children in carriers, all riding a variety of routes. From the two- and three-year-olds on trikes and big wheels riding the 100-yard Pea Pod Pedal, to those embarking on the 35-mile Artichoke Adventure, six-mile Cucumber Course, and 15-mile Kale Trail in between; all riders receiving cheers and encouragement from spectators.
  • And the 75 plus volunteers manning sponsorship booths, craft tables, photo booths, food stands, game stations, and performing on the music stage. So many dedicated individuals of all ages, working together. There were so many smiles, so many hugs, so many giggles.
  • Dozens of people, in addition to those riding or volunteering, who stopped by to learn more about Project Pedal and Village Project. Curious people, many who are now volunteers and supporters.
  • The attendance of dozen of our clients, past and current. Some attended quietly, others chose to make themselves known as clients. All seemed to be smiling and their presence was a gift.

Some of you may be reading the bullet points above and asking, “But did Project Pedal make money?” Yes! $37,000 in much-needed funding was raised.

These dollars will allow us to increase cooking days from two to four per week, which will provide meals and extend services to twice as many individuals. Additional opportunities for high school student cooks, adult cooks, delivery angels, client intake volunteers, coordinators, and more will also be available.

With less than 51 weeks before the Fourth Annual Project Pedal, please consider joining us next year as a rider, volunteer, sponsor, or however you feel called. We will be so happy to have you join us!

Let us know your favorite part of Project Pedal in the comments!

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