Change In Kitchen Leadership

Today I am sharing a big change for VP. Colleen Alletto will be stepping down as “Kitchen Leader” and filling the new volunteer role of “Event Coordinator”.

The VP Kitchen Leader’s consistent weekly hours do not meet Colleen’s current needs. She has missed the flexibility necessary to help, support, spend time, and enjoy her large family.

However, Colleen has no desire to leave the Project.

Over the years I have seen the excitement, creativity, and organizational skills Colleen brings to event planning, both inside and outside VP. This is an area where God has truly gifted Colleen and where her energy soars.

I applaud Colleen’s willingness to seek and follow God’s priorities for her life. While I will miss having Colleen in the Kitchen Leader position, I am excited to have her serve in this new role.

Colleen has graciously agreed to stay on as Kitchen Leader until we fill the position.

The Kitchen Leader Position will be posted on our website, Facebook, and in local newspapers within the next week. In the mean time, if you have questions or interest in this position, please
contact me.