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Our Mission

Working together as a community to provide nourishing meals and extended support to families fighting cancer.

Nourishing Meals

Our meals are nutrient-rich and are free from white flour and processed sugar

About Village Project

Village Project is a unique, multi-generational service organization that supports the entire family unit as they struggle with this devastating disease. Family members caring for loved ones afflicted with cancer face emotional and physical exhaustion. Our meal delivery removes the burden of planning, shopping, and cooking.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are empowered to utilize their gifts and talents. Stories, smiles, and encouragement are shared while performing acts of service; bringing joy, hope, transformation, and the healing we all need.

Our Clients

We are privileged to walk alongside our clients during their individual cancer journeys. Cancer does not discriminate. It is not limited to age, economic level, race, or religion.

Support Village Project

Our donors recognize our personal approach of supporting clients in a professional manner and applaud our efforts to equip, encourage and empower our volunteers.

  • “The kids learn so much about outdoors and nature and don’t even realize how much they’re helping other people. To see the kids’ faces light up when they realize they’re meeting someone who they helped is just amazing. It is such a wonderful organization that teaches adults, as well as children, to serve other people while they’re nourishing their own life. The word ‘nourish’ is so perfect. We really are nourishing the community.”

    Sherri Reilly, Village Project Garden Coordinator

  • “I became involved with the Village Project partially because I lost my mother to cancer when I was 15 and also because it was an organization that provided our entire family an opportunity to volunteer in some way. Over the years, I have donated much of my time to volunteering. It’s so rewarding to give back to my community and support others in their efforts to do the same. I enjoy gardening, cooking and the outdoors (especially with children), so this is the perfect fit. My hope is that the children that I work with are learning the joy of serving and helping others, while having fun at the same time.”

    Sherri Reilly, Village Project Garden Coordinator

  • “Volunteering at Village Project is a great opportunity for you to be part of something bigger than yourself and have an incredible effect on the people we serve.”

    Joe Talaba, Adult Cook

  • "Going through my cancer journey, I've never felt like I was alone. There’s always contact and genuine care and concern. And, for those who believe, prayers that go above and beyond. It’s amazing how this organization was so small and now has blossomed and it's helping more and more people and families. I would like to see more people embrace volunteering, donating and being active in the Village Project. It’s about so much more than cancer or having cancer. It really is about community."

    Nancy Brown, former Client

  • "Even though I’m sick, I want to make sure my family comes first. Especially when I know I can’t cook or make my family feel good, there’s someone to feed them who cares. And what they eat is healthy. It takes a lot of stress off me."

    Lisa Baumgartner, Client

Village Project has served over 45,000 meals to 450 families, since 2010, free of charge.

Your Support

Corporate or Foundational Giving

Every year, we rely on the support of our local businesses and community organizations to sponsor our annual fundraiser Nourish, and other events throughout the year.

Village Project Market

The Village Project Market is a specialty retail store. Stop in to purchase unique gifts, local food items, and to-go meals made in the Village Project Kitchen. All proceeds go to feeding families fighting cancer.

General Contributions

Your dollars support our mission of working together as a community to provide nourishing meals and extended support to families fighting cancer.

Please donate today.