As I gaze out the window, it is hard to believe the snow is finally melting.  Yahoo!  Spring brings a time of new energy and excitement.  This is certainly the case at VP.  Our volunteers are hard at work.

One of our focuses for 2015 is improved communications.  Jim Erlandson, has graciously volunteered to head up our Communications Team.  For the past two years, Jim has served as a VP photographer, writer, event volunteer.. ., basically he helps wherever and whenever needed.  What better person to serve as our Communications Leader; he has been involved in almost every aspects of the Project.

Jim has been developing an entire communications plan based on print, video, social media, and other marketing tools.  Members of Jim’s team are:  Diane Frye – news writer,  Michelle Kowalski – brochures and signage, Jesse Lunoe – Facebook, Mark Mutch – Technology Advisor, Beth See – graphic design, Todd Thibo – video, Paul Warren – website, and Sam Warren – Twitter.  Jim manages Instagram as well.

The Communications Team is going to be especially busy over the next few months sharing VP stories, event details, and spreading awareness.

Paul Warren has been hard at work updating our website.  Check out our “About Us” tab to learn more about our Board of Directors, Advisors, Staff, and Volunteers. Many have been with us since the founding of VP other  faces are  new blessings.  Thanks to photographer Tess Smith for taking fantastic pics!.

In the next month Paul will be adding video stories and testimonies from clients, volunteers, and staff.   Todd Thibo did a phenomenal job capturing the heart of each speaker.  Paul has also added riveting articles written by Diane Frye, creative and informative fliers created by Beth See, live TV news coverage, and links to our social media vehicles.

Watch communications for information on the following upcoming events:

* April 24th – Spring Fling – Vosh Lounge

* May 2nd – Cancer Car Smash

* May 13th – New Student Cook Knife/Sanitation Safety Workshop

* May 13th – 7:00 – 8:00pm – New Volunteer Information Meeting

* June 13th – 2nd Annual Project Pedal

* July – Iron Chef Competition

* July – 2nd Annual VP Garage Sale

Please join me in thanking the Communications Team for all of their hard work and support.  They do a tremendous job of communicating to our clients, volunteers, supporters, and entire community.  Thanks all!