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Support Village Project

Village Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

We operate and are funded primarily from private donations.

Our donors recognize our personal approach of supporting clients in a professional manner and applaud our efforts to equip, encourage and empower our volunteers. Your dollars help us provide meals and extended service to those fighting cancer and their families. There are many ways you can help. Please choose to support us today.

Village Project builds long-lasting relationships among all members of the community by providing opportunities for children, teens and adults associated with various organizations and corporations to interact on behalf of those struggling with cancer.  We seek to partner with organizations, corporations and foundations by providing group volunteer experiences, team building cooking classes and sponsorship opportunities.  We are grateful to our partners for their support.  

Village Project is unique

Village Project is a unique organization for many reasons including:

  • Our deliveries provide notes of encouragement, handmade cards, fresh flowers, and hand-painted vases that bring smiles and hope to those dealing with compromised immune systems who feel isolated
  • Our clients know they are not alone
  • Clients’ identities are kept confidential unless they choose to share their stories
  • Volunteers from the community are empowered and given the opportunity to help
  • We provide a vehicle to offer hope to all
  • People are seeking meaningful service and a place to make a significant impact; our volunteer forces continue to grow and your gift will make an impact in supporting our ongoing operations

Why Support Village Project

Your donation will help us:

  • Purchase healthy food ingredients used in meal preparation for our client base
  • Offer our services free of charge for up to six months
  • Ensure that clients who are struggling financially will continue to receive food after the initial six month period
  • Promote community outreach programs, such as client and community cooking classes, workshops and speakers that require the purchase of food and educational materials
  • Utilize creative income streams such as our brick-and-mortar retail store, Project Shoppe and its online site to generate sales that support our mission
  • Provide for the needs of consistent and professional staff responsible for efficient and sustainable operation of Village Project

“Your mission is twofold, helping your clients and making your volunteers better people.”

-Village Project Supporter

Special Events

In addition to Nourish, Village Project garners community support and funding from other events throughout the year.



Your dollars help us keep our meals & extended services free to those who are fighting cancer along with their families. You can make a difference for a neighbor who is suffering.


Corporate and Foundational Support

Village Project seeks opportunities to partner with corporations and foundations.


Planned Giving

Planned Giving makes a lasting impact while providing the promise of future funding for our organization.


Project Shoppe

Project Shoppe is Village Project’s specialty retail store. Stop in to purchase unique gifts, local food items, and carry out meals made in the Village Project Kitchen.


Other Ways to Give

There are many ways to support Village Project.  One way is to donate items from our “Most Needed Donations” List.  These staple items are used on a regular basis and your donation helps us keep our costs down!