The Kitchen

Nourishing clients and their families with healthy, nutritious meals.

Our Culinary Director oversees our kitchen program, designing menus that are both nourishing and delicious. Recipes are carefully selected;  they are nutrient-rich and are free from white flour and processed sugar.

About Our Meals

  • Designed to be as nourishing as possible to support healing
  • Free of processed sugar and white flour
  • Prepared by high school students, under the supervision of encouraging adults
  • Delivery includes three full meals, side dishes and dessert for every person living in the home
  • Included with meal delivery is a nourishing herb and vegetable broth, beneficial to clients who may be experiencing a loss of appetite or difficulty swallowing due to the side effects from treatment, radiation and chemotherapy.  Broth is prepared weekly in our kitchen and provides essential nutrients critical to maintaining the individual’s strength
  • Meals are cooked on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and clients receive delivery on Wednesday 

    Safe Kitchen Protocols

    As always, we operate under sanitary conditions and follow these Safe Kitchen Protocols:

    • Our kitchen is inspected regularly by the Cuyahoga County Board of Health
    • Surfaces are sanitized before, during and after cooking
    • Aprons, gloves, masks and hairnets are required
    • We carefully follow the state of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Health guidelines and procedures in regard to the pandemic

    Meals to Go

    Village Project offers select meals, desserts and our special Village Project Broth as carryout items;  meals are located in the cooler inside Project Shoppe and can be ordered in-store or online by visiting:

    • Healthy and convenient
    • Entrees are made fresh each week in the VP kitchen
    • Meals are individually packaged and available for purchase beginning Wednesday afternoon each week — meat meals are $10 and vegetarian meals are $9
    • Broth is frozen and available in 30 oz. pouches for $4 per bag
    • Proceeds help support our mission
    Village Project Meals to Go, Takeout Meals

    Adult Cooks

    Adult volunteers ensure the successful operation of Village Project by supervising and guiding students with encouragement through cooking and packaging of our weekly meals.

    Student Cooks

    High School Students

    • Prepare and package meals under the supervision of encouraging adults
    • Develop proficient culinary skills, gain extensive nutritional knowledge
    • Learn the importance of kitchen cleanliness (vital to our clients)
    • Assist with fundraising events and other vital roles outside the kitchen


    • Students must be in high school and can start volunteering the summer of 8th grade
    • Dedication, responsibility and a positive attitude are key attributes
    • Students must be able to work their entire shift and are not scheduled in the kitchen during sports seasons.
    • Students are scheduled a month in advance based on their schedules
    • Students must attend an orientation session prior to working in the kitchen