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Village Project

Village Project comes together as a community of all ages to provide nourishing meals and extended service to our neighbors experiencing cancer. We are a helping hand in a positive and hopeful manner, by utilizing the individual gifts and talents of volunteers; giving all the opportunity to experience the joy of serving.

The Village Project Impact

We are a multi-generational service organization that supports the entire family with nourishing meals delivered weekly to those fighting cancer. We understand caregivers face emotional and physical exhaustion. Our meal delivery removes the burden of planning, shopping, and cooking on a weekly basis.

Village Project has served over 45,000 meals to 450 families, since 2010, free of charge.

Our Clients

To receive our services, clients must be receiving active cancer treatment and live in one of our service areas:

  1. Avon 
  2. Avon Lake 
  3. Bay Village 
  4. Rocky River
  5. Westlake

Our clients’ identities are kept confidential


  • Designed to be as nourishing as possible to support healing
  • Food is free of processed sugar and white flour
  • Prepared by high school students, under the supervision of encouraging adults
  • Three full meals, side dishes and dessert delivered to every person living in the home
  • A nourishing herb and vegetable broth, made from a variety of fresh ingredients, is included with the weekly meal delivery — our healthy broth is beneficial to clients who may be experiencing a loss of appetite or difficulty swallowing due to the side effects from treatment


  • Meals are delivered to client’s homes each Wednesday by our volunteer Delivery Angels
  • Weekly deliveries also include:
    • handmade cards and notes of encouragement
    • flowers grown in our garden, delivered in hand-painted vases
    • sometimes other thoughtful homemade gifts  

Extended Services

Clients are further supported by offering extended services when needed — client Intake volunteers will discuss needs and services during the initial intake meeting

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are empowered to utilize their individual gifts and talents. Their acts of service bring joy, hope, transformation and the healing we all need.  We have found that combining the experience of adults and the energy of youth results in an explosive contagious enthusiasm.

Village Project brings ordinary people together to make extraordinary differences. Volunteers are equipped, empowered and encouraged, reflecting the true strength of community.  

  • 600+ strong
  • Range in age from 2-90 years
  • Positive, life-changing effects are experienced by serving others in need
  • Pre-school and elementary-aged children learn gardening skills — planting, watering, weeding and harvesting herbs and vegetables from our organic garden that are used in our kitchen
  • Teens learn important culinary skills, extensive nutritional knowledge and the importance of practicing kitchen cleanliness (vital to our clients)
  • Each volunteer is valued and respected for their individual gifts and talents
  • All volunteers are blessed to experience the selfless joy of serving others

Our Community

We are a community organization that brings individuals, families, businesses, civic organizations, schools, churches, and our cities together to love and serve our neighbors in need. Our retail store, Village Project Market creates awareness, supports local vendors, and helps to provide an income stream for our organization.

Our Supporters

The operation of the Village Project is dependent upon our generous donors. Our donors recognize the way we personally and professionally support our clients. They applaud our efforts to equip, encourage and empower our volunteers of all ages. Both financial and in-kind donations are received from: 

  • Foundations

  • Corporations/Businesses

  • Individuals 

“One of my favorite aspects of the Village Project is that it brings everyone in the community together with a common goal of serving others.”

– High School Student Cook