We are committed to our

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

To come together as a community of all ages to provide nourishing meals and extended care and service to our neighbors experiencing cancer.

Our Vision

We provide a vehicle to approach the devastating disease of cancer in a positive, hopeful manner by utilizing individual gifts and talents in a corporate, multi-generational setting to provide healthy meals extended support, and an opportunity for all to experience the joy of serving.

Our Values

Christian Witnesses

 Jesus is our example, we look for creative ways to offer our lives to others; growing more caring, compassionate, and respectful.

Connect Community

Truly connecting is learning to care for one another, taking time to build relationships, sharing ourselves, and our resources to better our community.

Full of Hope

 We are confident that in the midst of challenges, a simple conversation, a smile, or a giggle done during an act of service can transform us and bring the healing we all need.

Food is core

Food is core; yet not means to the end – Food is the most basic human need and the way we initially reach out to our neighbors; however, care is extended beyond meals.


 The gifts and unique qualities of multiple generations are not fully utilized and appreciated on their own, yet combining skills and passions results in a release of contagious energy.


Teaching skills that encourage service to others and foster healthy living.