We provide a vehicle to approach the devastating disease of cancer in a positive, hopeful manner, while strengthening the community.

Covid-19 Update: In line with guidelines from the Ohio Governor and Ohio Department of Health, we plan to provide continuing care and support to our clients and will reopen our operations SLOWLY. On May 5, we began cooking and delivering fresh client meals prepared in the VP kitchen.


  • Meals will be cooked on Mondays and Tuesdays and all clients will receive delivery on Tuesday.
  • As always, we will operate under sanitary conditions: wearing aprons, gloves, and hair nets.
  • Additional precautions:  temperatures will be taken as people enter the building, the number of kitchen crew will be reduced to allow proper social distancing and face masks will be worn.  If you are interested in purchasing a VP face mask for your personal use, Madison Graphics has restocked their inventory and is graciously donate 15% of proceeds to VP.  You can order by using the following link: VP Face Masks
  • For now, cooking will be limited to staff and a few adult volunteers.  Moving forward we plan to slowly increase volunteer help. Again, this process will be slow to ensure the safety of all. Cooking opportunities will be posted on Better Impact and cooks will be emailed as volunteer opportunities become available.
  • The building will be opened only to admit those cooking in the kitchen.

Nourishing clients and their families through healthy, nutritious meals.

What‘s Cooking In The Kitchen?

Meet Kira Wynocker, Village Project’s Culinary Director.  

A nurse by day, a mother and chef come night, Kira knows the value and potential impact of a wholesome, healthy meal. When she isn’t delivering babies at Cleveland Clinic’s Fairview birthing center, helping women assume the mantle of motherhood, she’s trying to instill the importance and impact of nutrition on her four children.  Growing up with two parents who loved to experiment in the kitchen, the passion for food is deeply rooted.  From preparation to feast, breaking bread with loved ones has always been important.  Being the culinary director at the Village Project gives Kira an opportunity to guide young adults in the kitchen and to share her love with her community. 

As Culinary Director, she oversees our kitchen program, designing menus that are both nourishing and delicious.  Recipes are carefully selected;  they are nutrient dense and are free from white flour and processed sugar.

Along with three complete meals that are delivered weekly to the entire family, clients also receive a wonderful herb and vegetable immunity broth.  During periods of treatment, radiation and chemotherapy can diminish a client’s appetite and ability to swallow.  Prepared weekly in our kitchen, this broth simmers for hours and provides essential nutrients so critical to maintaining the individual’s strength.

Meals-To-Go Are Here!

See our client menu and carry-out selections listed below!

Stop by Project Shoppe on your way home and pick up a quick and healthy option for dinner tonight! Select Village Project meals are available for purchase. You can also stock up on our herb and vegetable immunity broth. It’s a perfect base for your next homemade soup or a healthy and hydrating option for those going through treatment who may have little to no appetite.

Fresh meat ($9) and vegetarian ($8) entrees are individually packaged and available for sale. Immunity broth is sold in 30 oz. pouches for $4 per bag. Meals and broth can easily be frozen for later use.

Client Menu & Meals-To-Go!

Client & Carryout* Meals

Along with meals-to-go, Project Shoppe is also offering our famous Cocoa Clusters available in the cooler.

Preorder Meals-To-Go at the Project Shoppe online website.

To order ahead and learn more, visit:

shoppe.ourvillageproject.com or call (440) 348-9401

March 22, 2021

Here’s What We’re Serving Up This Week:
  • Whole Grain Gnocchi with Spinach & White Beans*
  • Kale & Turkey Feta Meatloaf served with Chickpea Salad*
  • Carrot Ginger Soup with Seeded Bread
  • Diane’s Almond Cranberry Muffin
  • Cocoa Clusters*


  • Meat Entree – $9
  • Vegetarian Entree – $8
  • Cocoa Clusters* (bag of 3) – $3
  • Village Project Broth (30 oz frozen bag) – $4

Gatherings From The Garden

Meet Sherri Reilly, Village Project’s Garden Coordinator

This is Sherri’s 8th year as our Garden Coordinator.  With a background in Outdoor Education, and a degree in Elementary Education from Ohio State University, Sherri organizes adult volunteers to help weed and water. She also guides and teaches children twice a week, in every aspect of gardening-prepping soil, weeding, planting, watering, pruning, harvesting herbs and vegetables, cutting flowers, and collecting seeds for a later planting.

“I became involved with Village Project partially, because I lost my mother to cancer when I was 15 and also because it was an organization that provided our entire family an opportunity to volunteer in some way.   

Over the years, I have donated much of my time to volunteering.  It’s so rewarding to give back to my community and support others in their efforts to do the same.  I enjoy gardening, cooking and the outdoors (especially with children), so this is the perfect fit. 

My hope is that the children that I work with are learning the joy of serving and helping others, while having fun at the same time.”

Garden Update
  • We have an abundance of fresh herbs–Parsley, chives, chive blossoms (used in our own specialty chive-blossom vinegar, available in Project Shoppe), oregano and tarragon.
  • Kale, sugar snap peas, radishes and carrots have provided a nice harvest for our cooks in the kitchen!
  • The children collected seeds from many of our flowers and vegetables last year that are used for this year’s growing season.  You can find them available for purchase in our store, Project Shoppe.
Did you know?
  • Village Project plants, harvests and maintains (8) 4 x 8 ft. organic plots in the Community Garden, located at the corner of Wolf and Forestview Roads in Bay Village.
  • Every season, Sherri teaches young children, as well as older teens and adults, the basics and joys of gardening.
  • Flowers, herbs and vegetables are planted from seed, beds are maintained and watered, crops are harvested, then used weekly in our kitchen.
  • Volunteers gather fresh flowers from our plots that are used to create beautiful bouquets.  Arrangements are displayed in vases painted by our younger volunteers, and arrive with weekly meal delivery.
  • Our volunteers are empowered to utilize their gifts and talents to bring joy, hope, transformation and the healing we all need.

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