Life is Like a Pinball Game

Forest Gump’s life might be like a box of chocolates, but mine would better be described as a pinball game. I have clear goals and know where I want to go; yet, there are bumps in the road, distractions, and surprises along the way. The pinball rarely takes a clear path to the top.

Project Pedal 2016: A Community Connected

Happy Fourth of July weekend! For me, the Fourth of July resonates summer memories: fun, family, food, community, and celebration. Over the past three years, I have experienced similar emotions during Village Project’s largest fundraiser, Project Pedal.

Changing Perspective

April 2016 I woke up Sunday morning, to an excited 4 year old saying “Mom!, Mom!, Mom! – it’s a SNOW DAY!”  I, like the rest of you I’m sure, rolled my eyes and thought… great.  Do I still have boots out? Hats? Gloves? I just the other day saw the promise of Spring, and […]

Board Members – Advisors – Staff – Volunteers – Event Updates

As I gaze out the window, it is hard to believe the snow is finally melting.  Yahoo!  Spring brings a time of new energy and excitement.  This is certainly the case at VP.  Our volunteers are hard at work. One of our focuses for 2015 is improved communications.  Jim Erlandson, has graciously volunteered to head […]

Change In Kitchen Leadership

Today I am sharing a big change for VP. Colleen Alletto will be stepping down as “Kitchen Leader” and filling the new volunteer role of “Event Coordinator”. The VP Kitchen Leader’s consistent weekly hours do not meet Colleen’s current needs. She has missed the flexibility necessary to help, support, spend time, and enjoy her large […]

Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to October Volunteer of the Month – Paul Warren! Village Project was privileged to walk along side Paul’s family two years ago in their time of need. Today, VP is blessed to have Paul on board as website manager.  Paul’s expertise and attention to detail ensure news, events, and information are current and presented […]