We are grateful to our partners for their support.

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Arcelor Mittal

Architectural Consulting LLC. – John Faile

Avon Lake Buffalo Wild Wings

Bay Diner

Bay Lanes

Bay Presbyterian Church

Bay Village Dairy Queen

Bay Village Perennial Garden

Bella Capelli Sanctuario


Cariglio and Associates CO LPA

Ceres Community Project

Cleveland Automobile Dealers Association

Community West Foundation

Consign Home Couture

Consolidated Graphics Group

Dubick Fixture & Supply

Eaton RTA Dept.

The Evarts Tremaine Flicker Co.

Energizer Holdings

First Energy


David J. Francati  D.D.S.



Girl Scout Troop 1245 Bay Village

Hansen’s Greenhouse

Heinen’sHighland Consulting Associates


Hyland Software

John D. Stanton and Assoc., Inc.

Jubilee Fund

Key Bank – Bay Village

Key Bank Foundation

Landmark Garden Center

Leonard’s Plumbing

MADD Chef – Richard Cicic

Madison Graphics

Mannix Construction Co. – Peter Grealis

McKeon Educational Group

Mrs. McArn’s Normandy Kindergarten Class – Feb. 2012

Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream

Mobile Food Pantry – Bay Methodist Church

Mojo’s Coffee and More

Modern Media

National Automobile Dealers in Honor of Kirt Frye

Nature’s Bin

Oatey Foundation

Ohio Optometric Consultants

Patsie and Jenee Campana Foundation

P.T. Tech Inc.

Qualified Interiors Inc.

Quality Select Homes


Sherwin Williams

Simplified Logistics

Stuart and Associates

The Sweet Caroline’s Fund


Sunnyside Honda

Kurt R. Thomas D.D.S.

3 Sisters Yoga Studio

Toyota Dealer Match Program

Urban Organics

Vita-Mix Corporation

Winchester Gardens

Whole Foods Market


Kitty Adams

The Alletto Family

Michelle Andrews

Cheryl Anthong

Michelle and Steven Babson

Robert Barney

Heather Barkley

Mike and Shannon Barry

Anthony Bastulli

Peter and Laura Bastulli

Kimberly Beach

Nancy Boggess

Sandy Borrelli

Marilyn Bower

John Brand

Jessica Breslin

Larry and Ellie Bricmont

Leslie and Michael Brown

The Burke Family

Ray and Dorothy Butko

Scott and Meg Butler

Mary Cain

James and Barbara Caldwell

Kelly Canfield

Terry Cariglio

Gary and Mary Kay Changnon

Tom and Barb Cawley

Rick and Debbie Chelko

William Clark

Mark and Tonja Coffin

Holly and Ed Colleran

Mark and Paula Conley

Lori Coticchia

Elizabeth Cotter

Robert and Sally Coughlin

Linda Cowan

William Cowden

Chuck and Carol Cowell

Joel and Karen Cuff

Dr. Steven Cuff

David and Suzanne Dannemiller

Mr. and Mrs. John Davenport

Alexis Deacon

Allison Deacon

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dean

Diane Deibel

Aaron DeLong

Dan DeMonica

Mr. and Mrs. James Diebel

Bernie and Kathleen Dillemuth

Alan Doane

Penny Dolski

Scott and Mary Durham

Scott Eaton

Robert and Janet Ehlers

Terry and Renuka Egger

John and Carrie Engelbrecht

John and Tobi Faile

Ron and Susan Farnham

Dan and Peggy Filippi

Carl and Amy Fischer

The Jeffrey Firestone Family

Maryann Fitzmaurice

Norma Flanagan

Mark and Kim Flash

Steve and Betsy Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Fowler

Mary Jane Fowler

Dan and Julia Frindt

Nancy Cole Finan

Richard and Dawna Finley

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fink

Jeff, Dawn, Jeffrey, and John Firestone

Mark and Kim Flash

Dr. and Mrs. David Francati

Jennifer Foreman

Kirt and Diane Frye

Tony and Dawn Galang

Mr. and Mrs. John Gallager

Stephen Gallant

Linda Gebhardt

Randall Gee

Edward Godic

Mark and Sarah Goldsberry

Susan Gorby

Nancy Grabowski

Joe and Michelle Guinter

Mr. and Mrs. David Hack

James and Patricia Hagen

John and Molly Hanley

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Hannon

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Haas

Mr.and Mrs. Tom Hardington

Richard and Karen Hardy

Brian Harrell

Jeff and Barb Harrell

John Harrell

Josh Harrell

Nicky Hazeldine

Mrs. Hayes

Shannon Heidrick

Joy Heldt

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hendrickson

Charlie Hicks

Nancy and Rich Hofstra

Rick and Elaine Hoke

Laurie Humphrey

Michael and Joanne Humphrey

John and Jodee Hunger

Neal and Rebecca Huntington

Tom Huntley

Rick and Cathy Ickes

Bryn and Marcia Irvine

Robert and Linda Jackson

Jim and Peggy Joyce

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Joyce

Jean Kafer

Elizabeth Kasulones

Beth Kapes

Jim and Mary Kander

Thomas and Janet Kauker

Clinton and Donna Keener

Charlie and Mary Lou Kennedy

Phil and Debbie Kerver

The Kette Family

Guy Kidwell

Susan Kilbey

Mr. and Mrs. R.T. King

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knall

Sue Kohl

Paul and Therese Koomar

Peter and Elaine Korte

Steve and Jackie Kowalski

Chris and Mary Kramer

Dr.Peggy Kranyak

Geraldine Krieger

Al Kruzer

Don and Mary Kuehn

Jack and Margi Kuhn

Mr. and Mrs. George Khuri

Barbara La Salvia

Dr. and Mrs. Steve Lamb

Kevin and Lisa Lavelle

Barbara Lahey

Marilyn Lahnen

Steve and Diana Lee

Jeanine Lee

Clara Legeay

James and Katrina Liegl

Mike Lieske

Elizabeth Lewis

Dean and Lynne Lipperman

Lynn Linder

Ken and Cindi Lindgren

Debbie Lockwood

Abby Long

Clare Long

Lisa Lowrie

Ron and Ellie Luchni

Dan and Jesse Lunoe

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lunoe

Marilee and David MacAskill

Sara and Nicholas Maier

Katie Manos

Grace and Robbie Mansuetto

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Martens

Jeanne and Edward Masler

Joseph Matejka and Rory Berg

Marcia Maus

Linda McCafferty

Melanie McCrone

Kathy McGinty

Helen P. McGraw

Greg and Laurie McKee

Dan and Julie McLaughlin

Mary McLean

Melissa Meany

Mr. and Mrs Mehall

Lysbeth Melton

Kim Mold

Sharon Moore

Clare and Phil Navratil

John and Karen Norton

Joseph and Tammy Novinec

Geoff O’Brien

Ellen G. Oakley

Greg and Karen Ocampo

M.E. Osburn

Pete and Ann Paras

Alan and Julia Paulus

Denise Pawlukiewicz

Trisha Pease

Serina Peck

Tim and Jean Pell

Kristen Perrier

Eric and Libby Peterson

Anne Petto

Diane Poretsky

Bob and Barb Piccirilli

Scott and Alison Pohlkamp

Jenn Powell

Jim and Linda Potter

Bill and Lisa Priemer

Russ and Jean Prokes

Jayma Provance

Matthew Provance

Bob and Moira Rankin

Jon and Heather Ransom

Maeve Ransom

Daniel and Mary Ramella

Tim and Susan Regan

Bill and Sherri Reilly

Richard and Mardelle Retzloff

Tong Ha and Kathy Rhee

Sue Story and William Rose

Steve and Kim Rush

George and Cornelia Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. William Ryan

Susan Saunders

Ken and Meg Schilling

Jeanne Schlotman

Harry and Delores Schutt

George and Pam Sehringer

Bill and Sally Selong

Peter and Molly Smith

Paula Schneider

Robert and Karen Spies

Richard Stagneth

Michael and Jennifer Stauss

Kathleen Stebelski

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Steffas

Frank and Barbara Sullivan

John Sutter

Brett Swasey

Nick and Judy Taranto

Michael and Terri Thies

Donna Zapis Thomas

Kurt and Marilyn Thomas

Amy Thompson

John and Jean Tis

Timothy and Lois Tigue

Marjorie Townsend

Todd and Holly Tramba

Bill Trainor

Jennifer Trecase

Joan Tucker

Tim and Peggy Urwin

Mary Valerino

Sjoerd-Jan and Kathleen VanderHorst

Donald and Eileen Vernon

Will and Betsy Voegele

Jennifer Wall

Margaret Watterson

Stewart and Ellen Watterson

Bob and Beverly Whitman

Cynthia White

Wendi Willmer

Tom and Kathi Wilson

Kimberly Wolf

Ian and Barbara Woodburn

Larry and Cheryl Wynocker

Beth Ogrinc Yates

Bernadette Zagor

Ellen Zemen

Janet Zvara

Richard and Linda Ziemnik

Robert and Michelle Ziebarth


In Honor of Linda Gebhardt
Matthew and Erin Byrne

In Honor of Lee and Maria Parks
Lynda Nickelsen

In Honor of the Reilly/Kilbane Family
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Carnahan

In Honor of Carrie Engelbrecht
Jean and Tim Pell

In Honor of  Heather Ransom’s Mother –Mary Lou Calhoun
Dr. Steve Meadows

In Honor of Jean Prokes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cancelliere

In Honor of Todd Tramba’s 60th Birthday
Gary and Maureen Arbeznik
Phil and Jill Battershell
Richard and Jill Beck
Greg and Marcia Beifuss
John and Carrie Engelbrecht
Randy and Laurie Graham
Dave and Jane Godfray
Jeff and Barb Harrell
Doug and Robin Hawkins
Gordon and Marie Hess
John and Jodee Hunger
Tony and Cheryl Kazanas
Ray and Marilyn Kinat
Bruce and Gay Mayfield
Dan and Julie McLaughlin
Tim and Jean Pell
Eric and Libby Peterson
Bill and Sally Selong
Richard and Kay Smith
Jerry and Vicki Stavlas

In Honor of Clare Long
Greg and Marcia Beifuss

In Honor of Tom Jelepis
Dwight and Nancy Clark

In Honor of the Steve Hamblen Family
Steve and Betsy Fowler

In Honor of Jeff Harrell’s Birthday
Barb and Paul Symanski

In Honor of Diedre Modest

Randy and Laurie Graham

In Honor of Frank Heldt
Heldt Enterprises

In Honor of Hayley Kalata and Family
Don Landers

In Honor of Jennie Koomar’s 11th Birthday
Jennifer Hartzell

In Honor of Gay Mayfield
Bonnie Nagel and Craig Shopneck

In Honor of Mary Beth Nameth
Ian and Barbara Woodburn

In Honor of Ann Paras
Erica and Jeff Williams

In Honor of Lee and Maria Parks
Susan Bragan

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. George Ryan
Mark and Jill Mutch

In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Maurer
Mark and Jill Mutch

In Honor of Steve Ruscher
Thomas and Ann Rich

In Honor of Susan Kozar
Thomas and Ann Rich

In Honor of Lisa Baumgartner
David and Andrea Sheppa and friends

In Honor of Doug Hawkins’s 60th Birthday
Todd and Holly Tramba
Tony and Dawn Galang

In Honor of Todd Schultz
Jeff and Stacy Windahl

In Honor of Sue Saunders’ Birthday
Denise Dean
Laurie Moster
Beth Yates

In Honor of Renee and Brad Seybert
Heather Husten Berkley

In Honor of Dr. J.
Jeff and Stacy Windahl

In Honor of Marian Miller & Dee Kloepfer
Tricia Steiskal

In Honor of Katie Koomar
Paul and Therese Koomar

In Honor of Jackson Flash
Mark and Kim Flash

In Honor of Kelsey Reilly
Bill and Sherri Reilly

In Honor of Gail Foster
Terry Foster

In Honor of Amy Pine, Karin Stamatis, and Francene McIntyre
James and Kate Keane

In Honor of Patrick Kilbane and Lynn Harmon
Bill and Sherri Reilly

In Honor of Sandy Press
Hope Zakany

In Honor of Paul Warren
Carol Augustine

In Honor of Cheryl and Larry Wynocker

Darby Vinciguerra

In Honor of Amy Good
William and Kay Stuart
Ronald and Deanna Puterbaugh
Mary Frey

In Honor of Kay Haneline
Anthony and Dawn Galang

In Honor of Kimberly Fowler
Don and Mary Jane Fowler

In Honor of Barb Harrell
Patricia Aldrich

In Honor of Jesus the Living Lord
Ken and Liz Simmons

In Honor of Jim and Linda Potter

In Honor of Sarah Edelman – 10 years cancer free!
Thomas and Thomas mini-photo shoots

In Honor of Cheryl Wynocker’s 65th Birthday!
Harold and Janet Bartlett
Martha Basile
Mary Kay Bernardi
Charles and Linda Borst
Dean Brennan
Donnette Calhoon
Eileen Cannella
Melanie Chaudhry
Audrey Congeli
Sharon Coughlin
James and Regina Cundey
Ralph T. DeFranco Co. LPA
David and Karen DiBenedetto
Dodie Dickey
Pamela Ebert
John and Lois Finlin
Brian and Holly Fowler
Judy Hammerschmidt
Jeff and Barb Harrell
Garth and Judith Henry

Susan Hofelich

Carol Hunt

Rick and Cathy Ickes

Robert and Linda Jackson

Kathy Koster

Kathleen Lewis

Faye Judith Maloof

Sandra Marusa

Marilyn McDermott

Jackie McManamon

Eileen Moeller

Susan Mulhern

Leroy and Maria Parks

Susan Smith Premen

John and Deborah Proud

Thomas and Deborah Putnam

Pat Kubene Simacek

David and Christine Sinclair

Robert and Jeanne Slack

Charles and Mary Ann Sonnhalter

Michael and Judy Sonnhalter

Robert and Monica Thomas

Maria C. Von Alvensleben

Raymond and Mary Votypka

Linda and Lee Westervelt

Linda Spencer Wilamosky

Larry and Cheryl Wynocker

Mason and Erica Wynocker

In Honor of Patti Keating’s Birthday

John and Carrie Engelbrecht

In Honor of Barb Woodburn and Mary Jo Mahall

The 2013/2014 Class of Woodburn/Mahall

In Honor of Barbara Caldwell’s Birthday

Sue Kilbey

Harry and Delores Schutt

Richard and Ursula Stack

Eleanor Murray

Charles and Linda Scherger

Ronald and Noreen Hollo

John and Marion McBride

Michael and Sue Doland

Thomas and Bonita Hirz

In Honor of Lisa Knall

John and Carrie Engelbrecht

In Honor of Amy Goheen and Beth Dunmire

Richard Stagneth

In Honor of Sally Coughlin’s Birthday

Sally and Bob Coughlin’s K-group

In honor of Alexa and Jackson Pohlkamp’s Confirmation

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dant

In Honor of the Kiel and Powell Families

Patricia Gormley

In Honor of Cheryl Wynocker

Thomas and Donnette Calhoon

In Honor of Cheryl and Larry Wynocker

Darby Vinciguerra

In Honor of the Village Project Volunteers

Karen Sutherland

In Honor of James D. Martin

Elaine C. Wolan and James Martin

In Honor of Jennie Koomar’s 11th Birthday

James and Nancy Hughes

The Koomar Family

Jennie’s many friends


In Memory of John Aldridge
Skip and Diane Aldridge
Jeff, Barb, Josh, and Brian Harrell
Eric and Libby Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaase
Sheryl Radcliffe
Judges of Cleveland Municipal Court
Cleveland Municipal Court Administrative Services
Advanced Insights
Thomas and Susan Sheehan
Dr. Shroyer, Dr. Kramer, Pam, Jess, and Kathy
Nucor-Yamato Steel Company
Sue and Mike Cleary
Timothy and Nancy Rowell

In Memory of Linda Ballinger
Kurt R. Thomas D.D.S.

In Memory of Bruce Beifus
Jeff, Barb, Josh and Brian Harrell
Jeannie and Mark Relich
The Yankow Family
Steris Corporation, Regulatory Affairs Dept.
OIA Global Logistics
Emily Kemper
Joseph and Kimberly Antz
Jennifer Presti
Regina H. Mantei
Suzanne Beifus

In Memory of Jean Bennet
Don Landers

In Memory of Margaret Bulzan
Carolyn Baker
Mary Ann Bleil
Everett and Gail Cataldo
Terry and Polly McGraw
Albert Sabo
Linda Toth

In Memory of Rita Burdenski
Annette and Ernest Degidio
William Carey
Shana Eversfield
Edward and Louise Gamary
Rosemary Goldbach
The Koomar Family
North Coast Therapy Association
Lillian and Joseph Salwan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sullivan
Joanne Wasen

In Memory of Marilyn Comodeca
The Marilyn Comodeca Foundation

In Memory of Maralou J. Crane
Randy and Laurie Graham

In Memory of Ann Dibe
Ann Dyke

In Memory of Dorothy P. Faile
John and Tobi Faile

In Memory of Thomas Fiala
Janice E. Coan
Mr. and Mrs. James Krueger
J. Thomas and M. Susan Hannon
Thomas and Susan Todardo
The Cheryl Ann Sabin Trust
Bill and Karen Zelenka
John and Karen Kasper
Walsh Rev Liv Trust
Okasana Lutyi
Kathy M. Mullane
Jean Fiala
James and Linda Potter
Thomas and Billie Maier

In Memory of Jim Flanagan
Norma Flanagan

In Memory of Brent Forsythe
Jeff and Barb Harrell
Sally Wright

In Memory of Kimmie Fowler
Steve and Betsy Fowler
Jeff and Barb Harrell

In Memory of Susan Galli
Jim and Jean Cundey

In Memory of Ross Geuther
Jim and Laura Geuther

In Memory of Mike Gore
Robert and Janet Campbell
Von and Margaret Crossland
Gayle Fischer
Jeff and Barb Harrell
Sally Conway Kilbane
Donald Landers
Steve and Diana Lee
Robert and Joan Overfield
Jim and Linda Potter
Douglas Wetzig

In Memory of Jacquie Harrell
Anne Albaum
Dr. and Mrs. R.B. Ballard
Paul and Sally Bando
Greg and Marcia Beifuss
Jane Black
Nina Brinkerhoff
Therese Bryda
Tom and Kim Campbell
Don and Phyllis Chaffee
Rick and Debbie Chelko
Dorothy Couse
Barbara Coussement
Kay DeNeau
Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Demotte
Exchange Club of West DuPage
Steve and Betsy Fowler
Don and Mary Jane Fowler
Jeff Fowler
Doug and Karen Gertz
Steven and Linda Getz
Mr. and Mrs. George Gilkerson
Mike and Gail Greene
Michael and Kathleen Gresk
Jeff, Barb, Josh, and Brian Harrell
Jamie and Dana Hastings
Doug and Robin Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Heaton
Bob and Kay Hendricks
Barb Kirkwood
Rocky River Soccer Organization
Thomas and Judth Leimbech
Larry and Peggy Ludwig
Linda McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller
Gail Orr
Tim and Jean Pell
Eric and Libby Peterson
Anita Pontious
The Prechels
Bill and Sherri Reilly
James, Judy, and Sarah Schultz
Andy and Heidi Sells
Ken Shearer and Susan Leigh
Garnett and Michelle Slatton
Rob and Karen Spies
Sue Story and William Rose
Rosemary Sheedy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Strine
Paul and Barb Symanski
Todd and Holly Tramba
Betty Veihman
St. Michael’s Choir
Karen Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Zwierlein

In Memory of Andrew Helbig
Jeff and Barb Harrell
Jim and Linda Potter

In Memory of Deb Johnson
John and Carrie Engelbrecht

In Memory of Marian Miller and Dee Kloepfer 
Tricia Steisk

In Memory of Tracy Kovac
Todd and Holly Tramba

In Memory of the departed family members of Betsy Kovacik
Ed Godic

In Memory of Jeanine Lee
Don and Mary Jane Fowler

In Memory of Betty Jane Leonard
Nikki Salupo

In Memory of Thomas McCafferty and Patricia Kander
Jim and Mary Kander

In Memory of Anne McTheegan
Marcella Reddy

In Memory of Carole Nelson
Adult Services Dept. – Westlake Porter Public Library
Virginia Bailey
Connie Batterton
David and Trish Binder
Colleen Fagan Bonner
Robin Brady
Sue and Mike Cleary
Kathy Fagan Devanski
Gar and Adrienne Downing
Dan Fagan
Matt Fagan
Tim Fagan
Richard and Gayle Franta
Sue & Bill Hanson
Patty Fagan Kehoe
Barbara Kohn
Louise & Ray Leone
Frank and Deborah Loiacono
Bob Lumm
Peg & Bill Marcavish
Rich and Stephanie Maricic
Kristen McDonald
Joseph Nelson
The Nelson Family: Bob, Steve, Sue, & Doug
Robert Nelson
Casey D. Pfitzner
PNC Wealth Management
Brian and Jennifer Richeson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Santon
Edward and Marcella Sferra
Rosemary Sferra
The Sweet Caroline’s Fund
Pam Walker
Serena and Mark Wiseman

In Memory of  Phyliss and Herman Pekrul
Suzanne Beifus

In Memory of Kenneth Ponsor
Heldt Enterprises

In Memory of Albert P. Radis
Mike and Barb Radis

In Memory of Sandy Maxey Rose
The Harrell Family
Molly and Tim Hopkins
Sue Story

In Memory of Jennie Schmauch
Karen Koozer
Louis and Shirley Merlon

In Memory of Robert Sears
Don Landers

In Memory of Mim Shepard
Doug and Robin Hawkins

In Memory of Jan Stagneth
Richard Donaldson
Don and Jean Mold
Eleanor and Bob Walther
Richard Stagneth
Dale and Susan Stroud
Tom and Terri Zastudil
Halovee Parker
Beth and Amber Johnson
Glenn and Julie Forrester
Larry and Dorothy Dilley
Robert Clougherty
John and Jean Tish
Better Business Bureau
Jim and Barbara Caldwell
John and Louise Boehm
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Howarth
Tong Ha and Kathy Rhee
Jeff and Barb Harrell
Charles and Amy Cowgill
Robert and Beverly Witman
Thomas and Barbara Kirk
Melissa and Tim Bowser
Holy and Chopper Deuser
Amy and Matt Hilliard
Julie and Rob Beeler
Molly and Paul Sawyer
Jennifer and Thad Sargent
Cheryl and Mike Ryan
Karri and Jeff Bohlman
Teri Fortman
Michele and Craig Muhlenkamp
Bryan and Laura Gottron
Katie and Darrin Eads
The Tollfson Family
Marjorie Townsend

In Memory of Chuck Tashjian
Air McClure Co.
Mary Jane Barile
Esther Cunzolo
Mark and Sue Dvoroznak
John and Robert Dvoroznak
James Florian
David Friedo
Hageman Family Foundation
Jeff and Barb Harrell
Clement and Frances Hren
Robert and Colleen Lanning
The Steven Lee Family
Richard and Kathleen Mayer
Scott and Kathy McClure
Gene and Jan Morabito
Bonnie Nagel and Craig Shopneck
Anne Osborne
Bob and Barb Piccirilli
Tim and Peggy Urwin 
Thomas and Sharon Zeck
Mary Jo Zulli

In Memory of Don Tonegato
Karen Beall and Ken Tonagato

In Memory of Virginia Tramba
Todd and Holly Tramba

In Memory of Wendy Triplett 
Juyne Triplett Robert Riordan

In Memory of Alan Carl Vitas
Don and Pam Landers

In Memory of Ted T. Woznicki
Mike and Barb Radis

In Memory of our departed family members
Mrs. William J. Carey


Bay Men’s Club

Bay Village Fire Fighters Assoc.

Bay Green Team

Bay High PTSA

Bay High YPF

Bay Methodist Church

Bay Soccer Boys and Girls U14

Bay Village Brownie Troop #70072

Bay Village Kiwanis

Bay Village Perennial Group

Bay Village Police Department

Bay Village Wellness Team

Bay Village Womans Club Foundation

Chapter DB P.E.O.

Daisy Scout Troop  #70391

D.A.R. Bay Village

First-Fourth Key Chain Company

Friends from the Start

Girls on the Run of Bay Village

Girl Scout Troop:  #70034

Lakewood Catholic Academy

Normandy Elementary School – “Normandy Teacher Raffle”

100+  Women Who Care – Cleveland Metro

Redwood School – Mrs. Gebhardt’s Class

Round Table -Teen Vol. Group – Bay Village Library

St. Barnabas Church — Health and Wellness Ministry

St. Raphael’s Catholic Church

St. Raphael’s Ladies Guild

Round Table teen volunteer group- Bay Village Library

The Village Foundation

Westerly fourth Grade Class — Mrs. Woodburn and Mrs. Mahall

Westlake Junior Womens Club Foundation

Westlake Village Skilled Living