Village Project Individual Partners

2013 – Present

Kitty Adams
The Alletto Family
Michelle Andrews
Cheryl Anthong
Michelle and Steven Babson
Robert Barney
Heather Barkley
Mike and Shannon Barry
Anthony Bastulli
Peter and Laura Bastulli
Kimberly Beach
Nancy Boggess
Sandy Borrelli
Marilyn Bower
John Brand
Jessica Breslin
Larry and Ellie Bricmont
Leslie and Michael Brown
The Burke Family
Ray and Dorothy Butko
Scott and Meg Butler
Mary Cain
James and Barbara Caldwell
Kelly Canfield
Terry Cariglio
Gary and Mary Kay Changnon
Tom and Barb Cawley
Rick and Debbie Chelko
William Clark
Mark and Tonja Coffin
Holly and Ed Colleran
Mark and Paula Conley
Lori Coticchia
Elizabeth Cotter
Robert and Sally Coughlin
Linda Cowan
William Cowden
Chuck and Carol Cowell
Joel and Karen Cuff
Dr. Steven Cuff
David and Suzanne Dannemiller
Mr. and Mrs. John Davenport
Alexis Deacon
Allison Deacon
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dean
Diane Deibel
Aaron DeLong
Dan DeMonica
Mr. and Mrs. James Diebel
Bernie and Kathleen Dillemuth
Alan Doane
Penny Dolski
Scott and Mary Durham
Scott Eaton
Robert and Janet Ehlers
Terry and Renuka Egger
John and Carrie Engelbrecht
John and Tobi Faile
Ron and Susan Farnham
Dan and Peggy Filippi
Carl and Amy Fischer
The Jeffrey Firestone Family
Maryann Fitzmaurice
Norma Flanagan
Mark and Kim Flash
Steve and Betsy Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Fowler
Mary Jane Fowler
Dan and Julia Frindt
Nancy Cole Finan
Richard and Dawna Finley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fink
Jeff, Dawn, Jeffrey, and John Firestone
Mark and Kim Flash
Dr. and Mrs. David Francati
Jennifer Foreman
Kirt and Diane Frye
Tony and Dawn Galang
Mr. and Mrs. John Gallager
Stephen Gallant
Linda Gebhardt
Randall Gee
Edward Godic
Mark and Sarah Goldsberry
Susan Gorby
Nancy Grabowski
Joe and Michelle Guinter
Mr. and Mrs. David Hack
James and Patricia Hagen
John and Molly Hanley
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Hannon
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Haas
Mr.and Mrs. Tom Hardington
Richard and Karen Hardy